Commercial Maintenance Plans

ATL-REFAC Limited recommends that customers setup a maintenance program for their equipment.  All mechanical equipment needs periodic service to keep it in the best operating condition.  Maintenance programs help to minimize and control the times that repairs are made to ensure that equipment operates efficiently when you need it the most.

A maintenance program can lead to substantial savings.  Over a period of time a maintenance program can reduce operating costs as well as equipment failures.  Maintenance in various industry sectors has proven to prevent costly repairs and unexpected breakdowns.  Repairs to mechanical equipment will occur during the life of the asset. 

Download our Free Case Study on Life Cycle Costs of Maintenance vs Repairs (below)

Our program consists of an assessment and customized program.  Our qualified technicians would perform maintenance to your equipment according to your specific needs.  During the actual maintenance to equipment, our technicians utilize a checklist.  This checklist ensures a thorough inspection of the equipment and would highlight recommended repairs if applicable.  We provide our customers with a copy of the checklist as a record of the maintenance performed. 

ATL-REFAC Limited understands that every business is unique and has different equipment that would require a maintenance program tailored to your specific needs.  We recommend that the equipment in your business be assessed to determine the right maintenance program required to keep your precious assets operating at peak efficiency.

It is important to have experienced technicians performing your maintenance and associated repairs.  If a technician does not have sound knowledge of the specific trade, they will not be able to diagnose the problems and repair them effectively.  The right technician performing the maintenance is as important as the maintenance itself.

ATL-REFAC Limited technicians are experienced in our field and industry.  We can guarantee your business will be promptly, reliably and professionally serviced.  Our rates are very competitive. 

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Customers We Work With

Food - Retail & Processing

  • grocery stores
  • meat markets, vegetable markets, specialty stores,
  • fish plants, and lobster/fish retail outlets
  • drug stores
  • gas & convenience

Hospitality/ Restaurants

  • hotels/motels
  • restaurant chains
  • lounges/bars/pubs
  • local restaurants


  • refrigerated warehouses
  • wholesale stores
  • institutions
  • scientific/lab equipment
Download Free Case Study

Maintenance Costs vs Repair Costs

Why pay for maintenance when you can just 'fix it' when needed?

Maintenance in various industry sectors has proven to prevent costly repairs and unexpected breakdowns. 

We have conducted our own Case Study comparing the cost of maintenance vs repairs.  The results are eye-opening.

Download Our Case Study and see for yourself.