Corporate Social Responsibility

At ATL-REFAC Limited we strive to:

- Conduct our business activities in a socially responsible and ethical manner, in all that we do.

- Safety of our people, our families, our communities and our customers is paramount.

- Commitment to diversity. Embrace, support, respect and learn from various cultures.

- Support our communities that we work and live in, give back where we can.

Business Ethics and Transparency:

ATL-REFAC Limited is committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and corporate governance practices in order to maintain excellence in what we do.

Health & Safety:

At ATL-REFAC Limited, it is our policy that all personnel working for, or associated with our Company, are responsible for the health and safety of our employees, sub-contractors and customers, and for protecting the environment for impacts presented by the activities, products and services we provide. ATL-REFAC Limited commitment to health, safety and environmental excellence is an integral part of our business and is essential to our long-term success; accordingly, we have developed and implemented a comprehensive health and safety management system.


At ATL-REFAC Limited, we do our part and we do what is best for the environment in a respectful and ethical manner. ATL-REFAC Limited recognizes that it has a responsibility to the environment beyond legal and regulatory requirements. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and continually improving our environmental performance as part of our business strategy and operating methods, with regular review points, minimizing and eliminating wasteful activities. We will encourage customers, suppliers and other stakeholders to do the same.

  • Recycle oils, refrigerants, toxic products, equipment, plastics, containers, plastics, cardboard, paper, materials, scrap metals, tools and equipment. Recycling electronics, batteries, used tires.
  • Promoting the use of eco-friendly environmentally friendly products.
  • Promoting the use of energy efficient systems and components.
  • Deploying software where possible in our business practices and processes such as field service management software to assist with customer management, estimates, job creation, dispatching, scheduling, asset management and more in order to help us reduce or environmental impact, paper usage. We also will tie in GPS tracking through the same software in all of our field vehicles for dynamic dispatch and minimizing routes where possible to reduce gas consumption.  


We realize that our talented and diverse employees are competitive advantage. We are committed to employing the best possible people in order to provide high quality products and services. Our business success is a reflection of the quality and skill of the people we employ. ATL-REFAC Limited is committed to seeking out and retaining the finest individuals to ensure continued success short and long term. ATL-REFAC Limited believes in treating all people with respect and dignity. We strive to create and foster a supportive and understanding environment in which all individuals realize their maximum potential within the company, regardless of their differences. We recognize the importance of reflecting the diversity of our customers and markets in our workforce. Managing diversity makes us more creative, flexible, productive and competitive.

Supporting Our Communities & Giving Back:

Here are just some of the ways we’ve made a Philanthropic difference…

  • Feed Nova Scotia
  • Canadian Progress Club and the Charities They Support
  • Easter Seals Nova Scotia
  • Canadian Cancer Society
  • Kidney Cancer Canada
  • Canadian Blood Services
  • Junior Achievement
  • Laing House
  • Bathurst Radio Inc. (Phantom 103.3 FM Community Radio)
  • Various sports teams

Our team cares deeply about our customers and the company they work for.