Sustainability In What We Do

At ATL-REFAC Limited, we do our part and we do what is best for the environment in a respectful and ethical manner. ATL-REFAC Limited recognizes that it has a responsibility to the environment beyond legal and regulatory requirements. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and continually improving our environmental performance as part of our business strategy and operating methods, with regular review points, minimizing and eliminating wasteful activities. We will encourage customers, suppliers and other stakeholders to do the same.

Our commitment:

  • Provide quality services in order to prolong the life of your assets.
  • Reduce energy consumption.
  • Maximize your return on investment for services we provide.
  • Safe and proper handling as well as recovery of ozone depleting substances.
  • Safe transportation, handling, usage, storage of other materials, cleaning supplies, oils and other products.

We endeavor to:

  • Comply with and exceed all relevant regulatory requirements.
  • Continually improve and monitor environmental activity.
  • Continually improve and reduce environmental impacts.
  • Incorporate environmental factors into business decisions.
  • Increase employee awareness and training.

You can count on us to be environmentally responsible in numerous ways including:

  • Recycle oils, refrigerants, toxic products, equipment, plastics, containers, plastics, cardboard, paper, materials, scrap metals, tools and equipment.
  • Recycling electronics, batteries, used tires.
  • Promoting the use of eco-friendly environmentally friendly products.
  • Promoting the use of energy efficient systems and components.
  • Deploying software where possible in our business practices and processes such as field service management software to assist with customer management, estimates, job creation, dispatching, scheduling, asset management and more in order to help us reduce or environmental impact, paper usage. We also will tie in GPS tracking through the same software in all of our field vehicles for dynamic dispatch and minimizing routes where possible to reduce gas consumption.

We care deeply about the well being of our customers and their staff, we also care about the precious assets that are on customers sites. We do what is best to help you manage your precious assets. We take pride in the work that we do and the customer service that we provide. Minimizing waste, protecting and respecting the environment is also part of our commitment.

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Doing what's right and what's safe
for our customers and employees
drives how we operate