Fridges & Refrigeration Equipment

Commercial Fridges And Refrigeration Equipment

ATL-REFAC Ltd. offers the very best in service and maintenance for commercial fridges and refrigeration equipment. We deal with a wide range of top quality manufacturers including Kysor Warren, Norbec, Coldmatic, Masterbilt, Igloo, Foster, Coldmaster, True, Keeprite and more.

From sales and installation, to service and maintenance we have over 250 years combined experience and know-how to make sure jobs are done right and our clients are satisfied. Our commercial fridges are suitable for any application and our clients come from a wide range of industries:

  • Restaurants, Pubs & Bars
  • Hotels & Motels
  • Supermarkets & Grocery Stores
  • Gas & Convenience, Drug Stores
  • Meat, Vegetable, Bakeries, Flower Shops, Specialty Markets
  • Wholesale Stores
  • Warehouses
  • Fish Plants, Seafood Retail Outlets
  • Ships & Marine
  • Institutions like Hospitals, Universities, etc.

Regardless of your industry we can help you.  
Please contact us to find out how!

Equipment Brands We Install & Maintain

  • Coldmatic
  • Foster
  • Habco
  • Hoshizaki
  • Igloo
  • Keeprite
  • Kysor Warren
  • Master-Bilt
  • Norbec
  • True

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Maintenance Costs vs Repair Costs - Refrigeration

Why pay for maintenance when you can just 'fix it' when needed?

Maintenance in various industry sectors has proven to prevent costly repairs and unexpected breakdowns. 

We have conducted our own Refrigeration Equipment Case Study comparing the cost of maintenance vs repairs.  The results are eye-opening.

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