What We Do

Maintenance And Repair Services for
Refrigeration, HVAC, Air Conditioning, Heat Pump Equipment & Systems

ATL-REFAC Limited provides complete maintenance and repair services for Refrigeration, HVAC, Air Conditioning, Heat Pump equipment and systems.

We serve clients in Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) and surrounding areas, and all of Industrial Cape Breton and surrounding areas.


To help our customers manage their monthly Refrigeration & HVAC service and maintenance costs in a more predictable fashion, we offer excellent maintenance contracts and agreements. These operate under a fixed price for maintenance work for a specific scope of work and frequency (ie. monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc.) that is often defined through a collaborative effort between our customer and ATL-REFAC Limited. These are typically renegotiated annually or bi-annually, and contracts/agreements typically can cover single sites or multiple locations.

Work on items not specifically defined/covered in the maintenance contracts/agreements is negotiated with the customer under our service time & material offering.

We have many loyal customers who choose to have maintenance contracts/agreements with us.

Time & Material Service

We provide on-demand service, after hours service and operate a 24/7 emergency service. Much of our service work is performed on a time & material (T&M) basis, meaning customers pay for the time it takes to complete a job, including travel and the related materials used.

T&M service work is typically time sensitive and complex and is a managed on a case by case basis depending on the nature of the problem we have been asked to address. When we perform this type of service we make every effort to match a technician to the specific problem and minimize any call backs by fixing it right the first time. We have many loyal customers that choose our company to perform their service work.

ATL-Refac skilled pipe fitter at work
ONE of our ATL-REFAC skilled pipe fitters at work

Quoted Service/Repairs

Refrigeration & HVAC systems are complex systems with critical components that are under constant stress. As part of normal operations, systems can break down, components occasionally wear out or filters and drains get plugged up. Whether it's sticking valves, broken fans, or a compressor failure, ATL-REFAC Limited technicians are capable of fixing a multitude problems.

We are more than happy to provide you with a fair and reasonable quote in a timely manner. Our goal is to complete the appropriate repair or repairs to get your system back up and running properly as quickly as possible.

Let our experienced staff provide you with the appropriate recommendations and quote. Contact us today.