Workplace Safety

At ATL-REFAC Limited, it is our policy that all personnel working for, or associated with our Company, are responsible for the health and safety of our employees, sub-contractors and customers, and for protecting the environment for impacts presented by the activities, products and services we provide. ATL-REFAC Limited commitment to health, safety and environmental excellence is an integral part of our business and is essential to our long-term success; accordingly, we have developed and implemented a comprehensive health and safety management system.

ATL-REFAC Limited believes workplace safety to be a priority. We will meet or exceed Government regulatory standards for workplace health, safety and environmental protection. We will ensure that all personnel work together to continuously identify new requirements and opportunities to improve as our business changes and grows, for the benefit of our business and interested parties.

The fundamental principles underlying ATL-REFAC Limited health and safety management system are:

  • All health and safety incidents are preventable.
  • Health and safety objectives, targets shall never be sacrificed for expediency or economics.
  • The identification and periodic review of the health and safety objectives and targets are an integral part of business planning.
  • It is the overall objective of ATL-REFAC Limited to decrease the rate of incidents and near-miss incidents that occur within the workplace, by considering all recommendations from employees.

To support these principles, the following guiding standards have been established:

  • “Safety starts with me – Never pass a fault”. All personnel are responsible for the continuous monitoring of safety within their workplace and to ensure that all potential or actual conditions that are not compliant with the health and safety management system< are reported and rectified in accordance with the procedures as set out in the system.
  • The promotion of personal commitment to safety and environment by all personnel.
  • The assurance that all relevant health and safety training, equipment and resources are available to provide for the complete implementation of company procedures.
  • The environmental performance shall be suitably managed, monitored and continuously improved.

As an employer, ATL-REFAC Limited plays an active role in awareness and preventing workplace accidents and incidents. We feel we have a duty to promote a safe and healthy workplace. Safety certified through Workers Compensation Board & third-party safety consultant. Safety accreditation with ContractorCheck. Workers Compensation Board letter in good standing. We carry appropriate general liability insurance as well as automobile insurance.

Our employees receive general and specific safety training in the following areas:

  • Fall protection
  • Confined spaces
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods
  • First Aid
  • Environmental Awareness Ozone Depleting Substance Control

Other courses as needed including but not limited to Aerial Lifts, Lock Out Tag Out, Personal Protective Equipment, Fire Extinguishers, Hazard Recognition, Asbestos Awareness, etc. ATL-REFAC Limited provides essential services including but not limited to sales (equipment and parts), installation, service, repairs, maintenance within the Refrigeration &amp; HVAC-Refrigeration industry for light industrial, commercial and residential customers. Continuing to perform essential functions and provide essential services is vital to an organization’s ability to remain a viable entity during times of increased threats from all hazards, manmade or natural. Since the threat to an organization’s continuity of operations is great during such times as a pandemic outbreak; it is important for organizations, in particular ATL-REFAC Limited, to have a Pandemic Plan, for example, in place to ensure it can carry out its essential functions and services.

You can count on ATL-REFAC Limited as your service provider. We take pride in what we do and we do what’s right. We help you sleep well at night knowing we have your best interests in mind. We care deeply about the people we employ and the people that we deal with. Safety is paramount whether at work or at home.

Doing what's right and what's safe
for our customers and employees drives how we operate.